About Theo

I thought it’d be a good idea to quickly introduce myself starting with the big question everyone asks!

“So Theo, what do you do?”

“I help gay business leaders feel sexy, strong, and self-assured by thinking about their health and fitness in a different way.”

I know...you’re already thinking “WTF if this guy on” and why should I care?

Well give me 10 SECONDS before you stop reading - then if you don’t say “heck yeah” - I wouldn’t feel bad if you click “next!”

Fair enough?  


So you want to know who I REALLY am?

That’s difficult to answer, but there’s two versions.

The short version is this:

I’m a guy who was 40 lb. overweight and killing myself at my job, who in 6 months found his abs (that’s me in the picture), got my life back from my business (that I started), and started to feel whole, confident, sexy, and FREE.  

The long(er) version is this:

I’m the guy who couldn’t run the mile for the “Presidential Fitness Challenge,” the one who was teased in school, the one who never had many friends, felt isolated and never like I fit into my body.  I’m the guy who always (up till 38 years old) felt like abs and sexiness was for OTHER people - those with the “right genes.”

But because of my childhood, I felt I always needed to please others.  My survival mechanism was making everything “right” for others. I became a successful graphic designer, started a multi-million dollar e-commerce company, I LITERALLY had the farm and the husband…

Sounds like an ideal life, right?


To the outside observer, it looked like I had everything I could want.  

But I want to address what was REALLY going on, not just the “Instagram, Facebook, social media version of life” that most of us see from others (and lets face it, what we show to the world too)

Inside I was dying.  

I was working crazy hours.

I didn’t have ANY hobbies or things I was doing outside of work.

My husband and I were fighting all the time.  

The business was teetering on bankruptcy.

Finally, we decided to get a divorce and I phase out of the company that I had worked for 10 years to build.  

I started to drink.  A lot. 

I felt broken.  

But when I woke up one morning (it wasn’t the first) considering “why do I go on living”.  It was that realization that shook me to my core.  

I didn’t think of myself as suicidal.  

That wasn’t me.  

So I did the only thing I could  to feel like I had even a small amount of control over my life.  

I joined the local gym 2 blocks away.  

Fast forward to today…

Who am I now?

I am the guy who has (at 42) mastered his body.

Feels confident and in control.

Living my passion and purpose.


Simply by becoming brutally honest with myself.

By creating the vision of what I WANTED my life to look like.

By putting ME first.

So why am I here in this group?

As I said, in the short version - I truly believe that as a community, gay men DESERVE to have confidence, courage and control in their lives.  And that also means feeling SEXY AF!  

And I want to help guide them to that outcome!

I am simply here to share my experiences and learnings with you.

I’m here to share the tips, tricks, and tools that have allowed myself and others just like me to REBOOT THEIR BODY AND LIFE.

Keep an eye out for posts by me - especially if you want to master your physique, discover your passion, and feel SEXY AF!

MAKE it  a beautiful day!

Theo “sometimes too blunt” Bill

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